Tuesday, October 14, 2014

NBLCNET Sits Down With Serge Langis

Moncton Miracles Head Coach, Serge Langis
Continuing along with a new series on NBLCNET, we sit down with head coaches around the NBLC to talk about the preseason, what they expect in the coming year, and whatever else. Here's the second interview with Moncton Miracles Head Coach, Serge Langis

Explain how far along you are in the training camp process?
"We're right on track. We have pretty much everybody in place, we're just looking for one more key piece in another Canadian player. I'm being fairly specific with who I am looking for, so we're in no rush to make that decision. We knwo the situation we're under here in Moncton with respect with how many guys we can bring it at camp, which is pretty limited. So we have to make sure the pieces we go after are ones we want around here."

So you're looking at bringing in 12 players to camp, which ones should we look out for this year?

"In terms of returning players, we have Cordell Jeanty. He's a returning big of ours, and he's just a vet player, you know what we're getting out of him night in and night out. He can go out there and be very consistent and put up some decent numbers. He had a real good year last year, so it made that decision to bring him back that much easier."

You've lost some big scoring pieces in Trayvon Lathan and Johnny Mayhane. Where are the points going to come from this year?

"Well, the scoring is going to come from everybody, and the defense is going to come from everybody. I know it goes against the rules in business and marketing where players need to be marketed and hyped, and everyone likes to hear that, but I'm their coach. Whenever that question is asked to me, I always default to everybody because that's who it is going to be."

What are your expectations coming into your fourth year involved with the organization?

"The biggest expectation is that these guys have great character. Like it or not, the situation in Moncton right now is going to require some tough skin, and some guys that can stay focused. As everybody knows, the team is for sale and it is going to be showcased and talked about. Some of it will be positive, some of it negative. So, first off, I need the type of talent that will embrace the situation as only adversity, not a barrier."

Explain the situation with Joe Salerno Sr., who has been hired as the club's general manager?

"Joe is setting things up so they are smooth for me. I just need to keep him aware of my plan in terms of what I'm trying to build here player-wise, and my rationale behind who I want to surround myself with. He has been great, honestly. He challenges me to make my point because the guys I'm bringing in are relatively unknown in the NBL, but that's how we have always done it in Moncton. We seek out the talent, we find it and showcase it, and then they move on to bigger and better things."